Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Red Poppy

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        WALT view the world from another person's point of view.

Day 1  Dear diary… Life in the trenches is horrible and the meals are anything but satisfying. Most of the food was dry or soggy.

Worst of all the soldiers must miss their families.  Sometimes I ask myself, ‘’Will we ever get out of this  horrible war?’’.
All we can hear is the sound of gunfire and bomb explosions. It’s terrible no one could ever imagine how horrible it is until you  actually experience it. The only joy we get is seeing the extraordinary bursts of colour that the poppies make. It's the most beautiful thing but what ruins it the most is the horrible, terrible smell and the sight of death.  It is the worst thing anyone could ever see in their whole lifetime.


2 Dear Diary… Ice cold nights and burning hot days, life in the trenches is terrible and disgusting,  the food is anything but satisfying.
Today is the second month I have been wearing the same clothes, I need a bath or shower but the only thing that us and our clothes get washed by is the rain that comes and goes. Gosh I wish I can see my family for Christmas. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them  but at least I get letters from them that's mainly, the only joy I get.  Also the amazing bursts of colours that the small patch of poppies make give me joy too.   The red patches of poppies are the most beautiful thing in a war like this but the thing that ruins it the most is the terrible, horrible smell and sight of death. It is definitely the most horrible thing that anyone could ever, ever see in their whole lifetime.

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