Monday, 26 June 2017

Careers Education C.V. Writing

In CAREERS EDUCATION we have been learning to write a skills based Curriculum Vitae.

A skills based C.V. focuses more on the skills that we have,  rather than our work history.

Here is a link to our online Modelling Book that shows the process we have followed.

Three things that I have learned about writing a Curriculum Vitae are:

  1. How to write one
      2. What you have to write on one
3. What skills I have that I can write on my Curriculum Vitae

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Showing Leadership #8

This week I contributed to the school because some junior classes wanted some help scanning some books for there class so me and Charlotte volunteered because the other librarians were either on holiday or at the cross country competition, so at 1:30 straight after lunch we go to the library and help the juniors, sometimes it can be frustrating because when you ask them if they want to return the book or get it out you can't hear them, I have shown the CARE values Excellence and Community, I have also shown the leadership trait Active-Thinking because I could see that they needed some help so I volunteered.

Maths Assessment Task

Identify classes of two- and three-dimensional shapes by their geometric properties
Assessment task:

Complete this task and then add it to a blog post.

  • Pentagon
  • Rectangle
  • Hexagon

Here is a photo of my paper pyroxene crystal : Jun 21, 2017 8:55:25 AM.jpg

Monday, 19 June 2017

Showing Leadership 7

This week I have shown leadership when Mr Ladbrook asked for some volunteers to compete for a spot in the school cantamaths team,  so I volunteered to test myself go, out of my comfort zone and put myself into the pit, we have just recently got our first maths questions to try and do I have found them quite challenging but I'm going to be resilient and not give up, I have shown the CARE values Community and Active-Thinking, I have also shown the Leadership trait Goal-focused because I have set my goal an hopefully I will achieve it.

Showing Leadership 6

This week on friday we did buddy program with some juniors we were trying to have a game with them to try and improve their large ball skills and maths, I was in a group with Sadiyah, Daniel and Jordan, our game was bowling, we got some cones and the juniors had to try and throw or kick a ball to knock them down we added maths by : e.g if they threw the ball and knocked down four cones we would ask them and aquation like I have got 4 lollies and I ate 2 how many have I got left. I have shown the CARE values community and active thinking, I have also shown the leadership trait motivational because I was motivating them to try and knock the cones down.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Home Learning Challenge #5

This home learning challenge is E1. Research one of the 7 wonders of the world - make a model of it or present your findings creatively. I had to research my chosen seven wonder of the world which was the Pyramid of Giza then I had to use words to describe it.