Friday, 26 February 2016

Reflections on Waipara Camp

                         Reflections on Waipara Camp

                                WALT work together as a group/team
                                 WALT challenge ourselves to take risks

                      My team worked together by collaborating when we were making rafts, we worked together by encouraging each other. We had  fun and we came 2nd which is pretty good I think.

I took a risk by trying to run along all the canoes I fell off but I climbed back on and I did it .I also took a risk by going down the water slide because it looked like it was pretty easy to fall off but in the end it was really fun.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Kid President

Thursday 11 February

Kid President
20 things we should say to each other more often

1  I disagree with your opinion but your still my friend
2 Thankyou
3 Sorry
4 I forgive you
5 You look great today
6 Please
7 Well done
8 You can do it
9 Do you need any help?
10 Are you ok?
11 Do you want to play with us/me?
12 Hello
13 Bye
14 Excuse me
15 I’m always there for you
16 Good job
17 Thanks for all your appreciation
18 You're welcome
19 Never give up
20 Try your best