Sunday, 7 May 2017

Key Leadership Role #1

This week I have participated fully in my key leadership role as a librarian. By helping on my my set date (Tuesday) and also later in the week when I could see that Ashley's partner was absent, so I offered to help her. She seemed relieved that she didn't have to do the job on her own, so I helped put the books away and in the second half of lunch it was my turn to scan the books. But we had one problem, we discovered that Annabelle still had her books in her book box, that was a problem because she no longer goes to our school but Mrs Ward said she will call Annabelles mum. I look forward to next Tuesday when I can do it again, I have shown the CARE values Active Thinking and Community, I have also shown the leadership trait Active Thinking because we realised that there was a problem so we found a solution.

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