Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Brianna's Book Selling

“Book Selling”
WALT choose the right information about a book we have read, that will encourage others to want to read it when we share it with them..

Title of book
The World's Worst Children

Tell us about the author

David Walliams 5 fun facts

One of his favorite chocolates is Maltesers

His real name is David Williams but he takes the stage surname Walliams
 David's sister used to dress him up in girls clothes when he was little
He was a Navy cadet in school because he liked the uniform

Explain who the characters are using descriptive language.
This book has ten different children and they all have there own chapters. There is Dribbling Drew which dribbled quite a bit, Bertha the bubblier which loved pudding more then she did lieing, Miss petunia perpetual motion who hardly ever stops moving, Nigel nit boy who loved nits and used them to his advantage, Peter picker he loved picking his noise, Grubby Gertrude she was very grubby, Windy Mindy she farted a lot, Brian Wong who was never wrong, Earnest Ernest he never smiled, and last but not least Sofia Sofa who was half girl half sofa.

Tell us enough about the beginning of the story so that everyone will understand what they are about to read.
Bertha was a bubblerer. She would sob. She would howl. She
would bawl. The little girl was only eight years old, bot she must of spent seven of them blubbering. Anything and Everything would set her off. Loud noise silence bright lights the dark small dogs large dogs medium sized dogs rodents of any kind red socks frogs toad tadpoles especially bouncy balls fireworks dust the heat the cold ducks geese and swans orange juice with bits in burnt toast kettles stickers wet grass park benches men with tattoos low flying aircraft the colour purple cat hair rain watersides mud anything made of plastic Christmas crackers the raisins in raisin biscuits bouncy castles smells of any kind even nice ones clouds mustaches vegetables burps mono brows nostril hair anyone in a hat. The little girl had a younger brother called William from the day he was born Bertha was beastly to him. She hated having to share her parents’ attention then one day Bertha had discovered a wonderful thing. She could cry and blame it on her little brother. And the more she cried ...


Finally, read an exciting, interesting, or amusing passage from your book. (Stop reading at a moment that leaves the audience hanging and add "If you want to know more you’ll have to read the book."

WALT review a novel in a way that sells it to other readers.
Link this completed rubric to your Book Selling document.


Extended Abstract
WALT review a novel in a way that sells it to other readers.

I can define:
  • The title of the book
  • The author
  • The main characters

I can describe the:
  • Main characters
  • The author
  • The beginning of the book
I can analyse the novel to:
  • Choose who the main characters are to describe to my audience
  • Choose what to say about the story so as to interest others but not tell them the whole story.
  • Choose an entertaining section of the novel to read out to the audience.
I can evaluate how well I have sold my book by:
  • How many questions were asked about this novel.
  • How many people have read this novel.
  • Asked 2 students for feedback about how well I presented my book sell.

Giving good feedback is to:
  • Be kind
  • Be specific
  • Be helpful
Responding to feedback is to:
  • Adjust/alter my presentations accordingly.

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