Monday, 31 October 2016

My Super Hero Story

WALT Write a story that is suitable for 5 -6 year olds

One day there was a very well known superhero called Flexy. On her costume she had bright, shiny gold zig zags, also on her socks. She  had a very rare skill that she can turn invisible. She was also very flexible and she could turn into mostly anything she wants and that's how she got her superhero name  Flexy. Her sidekick was called Aubry who was a very good dog that had a very easy power  that was being very cute.

Then there was Flexy’s arch nemesis called Eagle Eye. He had a rope that he could instantly tie people up. He also has a special  sort of technology so he could pick almost any lock he wanted. He was also one of the best international jewel thieves ever.  He was planning to steal the crown jewels, which was very hard to steal as the tower that it was kept in had lots of guards plus super hard and tricky new technology that’s almost impossible to hack.

Ok it’s the big day it’s the day that Eagle eye is going to attempt to steal the crown jewels but Flexy doesn’t  know that and she is guarding  it’s time thought Eagle eye so he got in his car and drove down to the museum once he got there he got out his grappling hook and threw it up tugged on it to see if it was steady the he started  climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing, finally he got to the to the top of the roof.

So Eagle eye has just got to the top of the roof and ready to steal the the crown jewels. ‘’Ok I need to get this glass of the roof” so he started to put it down slowly so it doesn’t shatter because if it shatter’s Flexy will hear it.  Then she will wonder what that noise was. If she heard it she would go look and see what had happened then she would see my car and then i would be busted but then there would be no one guarding the treasure that’s it,’’ said Eagle eye  so he dropped the glass then watched Flexy run away and see what was going on `then he jumped down and then Flexy must have known what was going on and was hiding behind the door Kapow poof bang crash !! Flexy had created a big cloud of smoke and put a net around Eagle eye, ‘’dang’’ said Eagle eye so Flexy caught Eagle eye and put him in jail, after that no one attempted to steal the crown jewels ever again.


In conclusion good guys are always going to catch or beat bad guys. so if you are a thief trying to do something you’re not supposed to be doing you are going to need a much more complex plan otherwise the odds are pretty high that you're going to get caught.

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