Friday, 5 June 2015

What? W.A.L.T write a recount step by step and in order                

So what? 
I started my Monday morning in bed, just as I opened my eyes mum came in to wake me up but obviously I was already awake it was 7.00 when she came in .

So I got up and went to the toilet. Then I go downstairs ,and tell mum what I want for breakfast ,while she makes me breakfast I get dressed .

After that I go back upstairs, to do my teeth and hair then, sometimes I wait for my sister and mum ,but normally I go to the toilet again.

Later I go downstairs and get my school bag and put my lunch box in and my drink bottle in it.

Finally we all go outside or in the garage and get into the car on the way I say goodbye to our rabbit.

Now what? My next step is to write more.

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